Limited services & Social distancing – COVID-19

Dear Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic Family,

Thank you for your ongoing support in these uncertain times. In an effort to continue to offer quality care while maintaining the health and safety of our staff, we will be operating on a limited basis for the time being. We will make every effort to continue to offer as many services as possible and uphold an appointment-based schedule.

To try to maintain effective social distancing, we are making the following changes, effective immediately:

If you have an appointment:

If you need a medication refill or prescription diet:

We are encouraging our clients scheduled for wellness visits to call and reschedule, though we will see wellness patients on a limited basis. If you have a concern regarding refills of preventatives/chronic medications and this will push your pet past the 12 month mark for an exam, we are able to make exceptions by filling a small supply of medication given these extenuating circumstances (Please see new protocol for product pickup above.).

No surgeries will be scheduled until further notice in accordance with the federal request to conserve medical/surgical supplies. Please be patient with us as we may need to reschedule currently booked surgeries.

As the situation in Massachusetts evolves, we will keep you informed of additional measures we will be taking. Hopefully we will be back to full service in the near future.

Thank you for your patience and please keep well!

Rosemary Botelho, DVM
Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic