Staff of Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic

Denise Reed, Office Manager<? echo $title ?>

With her ability to problem-solve quickly and her impeccable work ethic, office manager Denise Reed is our on-site troubleshooter. She has many responsibilities including balancing the finances, answering phones, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, submitting rabies certificates to town governments, solving computer software problems and, above all, maintaining our essential high quality customer service. Denise graduated from Kinyon-Campbell Business School in 1993 and joined our staff in April 2000.

"I like working at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic because we are a family," she says. "The doctors and staff always have their patients' best interests in mind and that makes me proud. It's a great clinic with friendly staff. I am happy to call it my home away from home."

In her spare time, Denise enjoys taking family trips, watching her son play hockey, and playing with Caliber, her yellow labrador. Her family are big Bruins and New England Patriots fans. She also enjoys planting flowers and gardening, swimming, and taking pictures.

Cathy Lynch, Receptionist<? echo $title ?>

Cathy Lynch joined Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic in October 2011. As Bridgewater's receptionist, Cathy is responsible for booking appointments, answering calls, filling prescriptions, and, her favorite part, greeting clients. "I love interacting with all the different pets that come in and getting to know their unique personalities. The atmosphere is busy and happy."

Cathy earned her master's in criminal justice at Curry College and enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with her two cats, Sammy and Callie.

Kelsey Larkin, Receptionist<? echo $title ?>

Kelsey Larkin has been with us since June 2013. As a receptionist, her duties include answering phones, checking clients in and out, booking appointments, and filling prescriptions. Her favorite part of the job is "interacting not only with the animals, but also with the clients, I make sure they always have a pleasant experience." Kelsey cites her positive energy and smiling face as the two best attributes she brings to Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic.

Kelsey completed the veterinary assistant certificate program at Massasoit Community College and is currently enrolled at Bridgewater State University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reading, and walking her dog, Cooper.

Joan Renzi, Receptionist, Veterinary Clinical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

Being passionate about puppies and puppy training is evident in our receptionist and veterinary nurse Joan Renzi's demeanor. "My favorite thing is helping new pet owners understand and enjoy their dog or cat. I love giving advice on how to train them," she says. Joan is responsible for many tasks at our clinic including administering vaccines, assisting the doctors, assisting with outpatient procedures, and receptionist duties such as scheduling appointments, invoicing, and answering the phones. She has been working at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic since 2002.

"Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic is a small animal clinic environment that I love because we really get to know our clients and pets personally," Joan says. "Our small staff is like a family. Our doctors are compassionate and friendly and treat the nurses and receptionists respectfully."

At home, Joan cares for her three dogs, Nina, Newman and Chewey, and her senior cat, Kiara.

Outside work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and watching her son play lacrosse and football. She also enjoys family ski trips, cooking, gardening, and entertaining.

Carrie MacKenzie, Receptionist, Veterinary Clinical and Surgical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

Carrie MacKenzie has been a veterinary nurse with Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic since November 2009. Her responsibilities include administering vaccines, drawing blood, taking vital signs, assisting during exams and surgeries, and communicating with clients. She is a certified master teacher of Usui Reiki and often gives Reiki and massage to her patients.

"I love knowing that I am making a difference and helping animals become well or stay well," she said. "I love all my coworkers and how caring and compassionate they are. I love the relationships I have established with the patients and their owners."

Carrie has an associate's degree in liberal science and a veterinary assistant certificate from Massasoit Community College. She is currently enrolled in Hill's Science Diet Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Program. When not at work, Carrie keeps busy by going on nature walks and spending time outdoors with her husband and four children. The family also cares for two dogs, Kyah (a Rottweiler mix) and Shadow (a Labrador) and three cats, Aurora, K.C., and Orion.

Tiffani Arena, Receptionist, Veterinary Clinical and Surgical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

One of the greatest virtues a veterinary nurse can have is kindness and Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic's Tiffani Arena possesses just this trait. Her energetic, friendly, and loving attitude makes both our clients and their pets feel comfortable. Her job responsibilities include administering vaccinations, assisting the doctors in surgery and during appointments, as well as assuming reception responsibilities such as placing phone calls, preparing patient medications, and processing invoices. Tiffani earned her associate of science degree in veterinary science from Becker College and is currently working towards her certification as a veterinary technician. Tiffani joined our staff in December 2012.

"I like comforting dogs and cats after surgery," she says. "I enjoy greeting new patients (especially puppies and kittens) and speaking with clients about the progress of their pets. I truly enjoy working at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic because everyone is so friendly and caring. The clients trust the doctors and staff and, consequently, many clients have been faithfully bringing their pets to this clinic for years."

At home, Tiffani enjoys the company of her own pets: a goldendoodle named Romeo, a cat named Rocky, a macaw named Wally, and two lilac angora rabbits.

In her spare time, she likes to be with her family and friends, go to the beach, bike ride, attend concerts, take road trips, watch movies, and read books.

Terri Whiting, Receptionist, Veterinary Clinical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

Nursing pets back to health and being directly involved with their care are two aspects of her job that receptionist/veterinary nurse Terri Whiting enjoys most. Her responsibilities include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, checking clients in and out of the clinic, filling prescriptions, placing follow up calls to clients, vaccinating pets and helping with laboratory processes. She earned her veterinary assistant certificate from Massasoit Community College and joined our staff in July 2010.

"Everyone at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic is like family to me," she says. "I feel blessed to know them all." Her good sense of humor and her evident passion for pet care makes her colleagues share the same sentiment about her.

At home, Terri cares for her own dog, Jake. She enjoys cheering for the New England Patriots, racing cars, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

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Joshua Medeiros, CVT, Veterinary Clinical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

With 20 years of animal care experience, Joshua Medeiros enjoys working at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic because of the "wonderful" clients and staff. As a licensed veterinary technician with a bachelor's degree in equine science from Johnson and Wales University, Joshua's duties at Bridgewater include assisting doctors in appointments, collecting laboratory samples, performing preliminary exams, and monitoring patients under anesthesia.

Joshua says his favorite part of the job is "watching animals grow from newborn all the way to their senior years," as well as his role in helping to develop and carry out treatment plans for the animals. When he's not working, Joshua can usually be found fishing and spending time with his two dogs and four cats.

Retired Staff Members

Cindy Preti, Receptionist<? echo $title ?>

With her cheerful smile and pleasant demeanor, receptionist Cindy Preti warmly welcomes everyone into Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic. She always goes the extra mile, even helping elderly clients or clients with small children out to their car. Her responsibilities include checking clients in and out of the clinic, preparing exam sheets for upcoming appointments, filing charts, ordering supplies, cleaning and sweeping, and processing payments. Cindy has been working in the animal related field for over 20 years and joined our staff in February 1990.

"All of our doctors here are very nice and very helpful to clients," she says. "I like working with a nice group of fellow employees who all work well together as a team."

While she doesn't own any pets of her own, Cindy enjoys pet-sitting clients' dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, shopping, going out to dinner and the movies, vacationing (Hawaii and an Alaskan cruise have been two favorites), and laying on the beach in Aruba.

Anne Hallisey, Bookkeeper, Receptionist<? echo $title ?>

Anne Hallisey's long memory is part of what makes her an important part of the Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic team. "I have great recall and can remember clients and patients that we haven't seen in a long time," she said. "I am the go-to staff member who can come up with the client or pet name that someone else is trying to remember." As the hospital's bookkeeper and receptionist since 1984, Anne's responsibilities include paying bills, checking invoices, and balancing the checkbook.

At home, she cares for two golden retrievers, Riley and Ruby, and two cats, Stanley and Sophie. She likes to spend her free time boating and relaxing on the beach.

Becky Sheehan, Receptionist, Veterinary Clinical and Surgical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

As a veterinary nurse and a receptionist here at Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic, Becky Sheehan assumes many different duties. These include assisting with surgeries, administering anesthesia, overseeing post-surgical care, administering medications, and scheduling appointments. She enjoys all aspects of her job, most especially communicating with clients about pet care and preventive medicine. Becky earned her bachelor's degree in animal science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and joined our staff in October 2003.

Early in her career, Becky worked for the nation's largest breeder of poultry stock, Arbor Acres farms, Inc. There, she provided day to day technical services to 20 grower-breeder farms in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. While working there, Becky helped growers achieve a balanced approach to genetic progress through proper bird health and welfare, disease control, and biosecurity.

Coming to Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic has been a rewarding decision for Becky. "This is a wonderful place to work," she says. "The quality of our veterinarians and staff is second to none, as exemplified by the long-term relationships established with our clients. We have a very compassionate and dedicated group of care givers who treat every patient as if it was their own pet."

At home, Becky enjoys the companionship of three cats, Scotchy, Rocky, and Phoenix (all rescued from a shelter), and a golden retriever, Hailey. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling. She recently traveled to Ireland to trace her family's ancestry and enjoyed the beauty of the Irish countryside and the people's innate friendliness.

Merleen Sammon, Receptionist<? echo $title ?>

Merleen Sammon has been with Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic intermittently since 1983, taking time off to raise her children. As the clinic's receptionist, her responsibilities include answering phones, making appointments, notifying clients of lab results or veterinarian recommendations, coordinating prescriptions, and making clients feel comfortable. Of all the ways she contributes to clinic, greeting clients and their pets is her favorite.

"I love the animals! I love to see them grow up here. I like to talk with their owners," she said. "I like the crew we have here and I love all the doctors."

Outside work, Merleen keeps busy caring for three dogs, Chessie, Nellie, and Lilly; three cats, Monkey, Rosie, and Squeaky; and five chickens. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and playing bingo on her computer.

De Correia, Veterinary Clinical and Surgical Nurse<? echo $title ?>

Treating every patient as her own, veterinary surgical nurse De Correia finds every aspect of her job rewarding. Her job responsibilities include scheduling surgical appointments, preparing pets for surgery, ordering surgical supplies, and ensuring that all surgical areas are cleaned and prepared properly. De received her veterinary technical training in North Palm Beach, Florida and has been working in the animal related field for over 30 years. We have been fortunate to have her as part of our staff since 1984.

"Bridgewater Veterinary Clinic is my second home," De says. "Dr. Brown is such a special person in my life and a very compassionate doctor, just like the other doctors here. We also have a great crew. Most importantly, we all care for and treat each pet as if s/he was our own."

When not at work, De enjoys riding her motorcycle, going to the beach, shopping, and spending time with her friends. She shares her home with two domestic short hair cats, Andy and Daisy.